Family Self Defense Review - Defence for All Scam or Not?

Learn how to protect your family with a self-defence guide, but beware of scams. In this Family Self Defense Review, we will give reviews about the importance of learning self-defence, what makes a good self-defence program, and what to watch out for in a potential scam. Although there are many self-proclaimed gurus out there, a qualified self-defence instructor is essential to creating an effective program. Unfortunately, some instructors have had little training and education in self-defence, and their courses often stray from the reality of violence. While it may seem "uncool" to some, learning self-defence is a fascinating subject that can benefit anyone regardless of their age. In this article, we will explain why it is essential to learn self-defence and how to identify the scams from the legitimate programs.

Product Brand: Family Self Defense
Owner Name: Frank Bell
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Guarantee: Absolutely
Refund Guarantee: Sixty Days

When it comes to self-defence, people may imagine different scenarios. Some may think of the Karate Kid, while others may picture senior citizens practicing techniques in a church hall. Others may imagine men in camouflage, surviving in the woods, and eating bugs. Unfortunately, some courses and classes that reflect these images are not structured or taught correctly.

The most important element of a self-defence program is a qualified instructor. Without proper knowledge and experience in psychology and physical fight manoeuvres, instructors can easily misinform students and put them in harm's way. Sadly, there are many instructors worldwide teaching variations of self-defence that are far removed from the reality of violence, and what they teach is unlikely to help you protect yourself and reduce the risk of being involved in a violent event.

People have begun to switch off the importance of learning self-defence due to the images associated with it. However, learning self-defence has never been more crucial. It is essential to learn self-defence skills because it plays a vital part in everyone's life. Self-defence is not only about fighting or performing fancy moves. It is also about using common sense to avoid harm. Self-defence is a study of avoiding harm, not just managing it when it happens.

There are many things you can do as a concerned parent to keep your child safe. Reducing the risks that children face is not as complicated as it may seem. Teaching your children to be aware of their surroundings is a good place to start. Encourage them to walk in well-lit areas and avoid dark, isolated places. Teach them the importance of familiarizing themselves with the structures, parks, and places they hang out in, and make sure they know the areas that can work as hiding places, such as bushes and alleys.

While it is true that there are dangerous individuals in the world who can cause harm to ourselves and our loved ones, the chances of encountering them after the age of 25 are significantly reduced due to changes in social practices. However, this does not mean that we should stop learning self-defence. Self-defence involves a wide range of skills that we use in various situations in our daily lives, and it is a mental and physical ability that everyone can benefit from.

A good self-defence instructor should inform you that 90% of self-defence skills are "soft" skills, which are the physical application of common sense crime prevention tips. For example, you may have two routes to take when walking home. One is a shorter, darker route, while the other is longer but well-lit and passes through crowded areas. Choosing the longer, safer route is a form of self-defence.

Teaching children how to survive does not mean teaching them how to be aggressive fighters, but rather, it means teaching them how to be smart and aware thinkers. Many self-defence techniques involve ways to escape dangerous situations, not aggravate them. Increased awareness is an essential quality for any self-defence expert.

One of the best options for learning self-defence is through online guides and survival programs. These programs offer a comprehensive and easy-to-follow method for learning self-defence that can be done in the comfort and privacy of your own home. One such program is the Family Self Defense program, which claims to offer a family self-protection method that can be learned quickly and easily.

But is the Family Self Defense program a scam or a legitimate option for learning self-defence? In this review, we'll take a closer look at the program and its claims to help you decide if it's worth your time and money.

What is Family Self Defense?

The Family Self Defense program was created by Frank Bell, a retired US Army soldier with over 20 years of experience in martial arts and self-defence training. According to the program's website, Bell created the program after seeing too many families being victimized by violent crimes and feeling like traditional self-defence classes were too difficult and time-consuming for most people to complete.

The program claims to be a comprehensive family self-protection method that teaches simple and effective techniques for defending yourself and your loved ones in a variety of situations, including home invasions, carjackings, and street attacks. The program includes video lessons, step-by-step instructions, and bonus materials that cover a range of self-defence topics, from basic strikes and kicks to advanced grappling and ground fighting techniques.

So, is the Family Self Defense program a scam?

While there are certainly many self-proclaimed gurus and amateur instructors out there who offer ineffective and even dangerous self-defence training, the Family Self Defense program appears to be a legitimate and well-designed program that can offer real value to those looking to learn self-defence.

Of course, as with any online program, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. One potential downside is that online self-defence training may not offer the same level of personal attention and feedback as in-person classes. It can also be more challenging to practice and perfect techniques without the guidance of an experienced instructor.

However, the Family Self Defense program appears to have taken these concerns into account by providing detailed and easy-to-follow video lessons and step-by-step instructions, as well as offering bonus materials that can help users further improve their skills and knowledge. Additionally, the program offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, which can provide added peace of mind for those who are hesitant to invest in an online program.

In conclusion

While there are certainly many scams and ineffective self-defence programs out there, the Family Self Defense program appears to be a legitimate and well-designed option for those looking to learn self-defence in the comfort and privacy of their own homes. With its comprehensive and easy-to-follow lessons and bonus materials, the program can offer real value to those looking to improve their self-defence skills and protect themselves and their loved ones from harm.